Our law office offers counselling and representation services in various legal fields, while continuously working on the improvement of legal services, keeping track of the innovations in the legal profession and permanently striving towards continuous availability and long-term cooperation with clients.

In the field of Civil Law we offer services in the areas ranging from family, property, inheritance and labour law to law of obligations, and particularly in the area of damage compensation in road accidents on account of our extensive experience in representing insurance companies.

We provide consultations with our clients, assessment of the outcome of the possible case, drafting of contracts and general acts, as well as representation in court and other proceedings.

In the field of Corporate Law we offer our clients full protection of their interests, including court protection. We provide them with legal advisory services and representation in commercial disputes, as well as in the bankruptcy proceedings and proceedings regarding economic offences and infractions. We also provide to our clients representation services in all tax procedures, with the engagement of tax law experts.

Within this framework of our offer, we also provide contract preparation services as well as advisory and checking services regarding contract preparation.

In the field of Constitutional Law our clients are provided the following services:

Representation of natural persons and corporate entities in constitutional complaint proceedings concerning protection of the human or minority rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution against the individual acts or actions of public authorities by which the human or minority rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution have been violated or denied.

Representation of natural persons and corporate entities in proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg and lodging of petitions concerning violation of the rights guaranteed under the European Convention on Human Rights and its protocols.

In the field of Administrative Law our clients are offered legal advisory and representation services in administrative procedures and proceedings, as well as legal services in the field of customs law, misdemeanour law, real estate and legalization of construction objects.

In this field, our clients are offered legal advisory services including consideration of legal documentation related to the case for which the law office is being engaged, filing criminal reports, defence in the investigation procedure, at the main hearing and during the appellate procedure, representation of aggrieved parties in criminal proceedings and securing property claims, with special attention being paid to the preparations for court trials.