The law office Ivona Antić was founded in 1997. Over the years, the Office has steadily built its team of attorneys and junior staff in order to embrace an increasingly diversified demand for legal services in the area.

Our law office has more than twenty years of experience advising and representing a wide range of clients, both domestic and foreign natural and corporate entities, in courts and before the state authorities of the Republic of Serbia.

We offer to our clients a wide array of legal services in the areas of constitutional, corporate, tax, criminal, family, inheritance and tort law, law of obligations, real estate, contract drafting for business entities and natural persons, and legal representation in court and other procedures.

We treat our clients with professionalism, loyalty, respect, efficiency and dedication, trying at all times to give them answers in a timely and professional manner. Our advisory services are based on our team efforts to keep up with changing laws and subordinate legislation, i.e. to always be on top of regulatory updates.

The team of the Law Office Ivona Antić has all it takes to provide full legal assistance to its clients, from experience to highly profiled expertise and legal skills of its attorneys and supportive staff.

The office is committed to maintaining cooperation with a number of experts in various professional areas whose specialized knowledge is essential for the protection of our clients’ rights and legal interests.